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If you are involved in a data space-related project in Finland, the Data Spaces Alliance is for you.

The Data Spaces Alliance Finland is a community of organisations interested in building, utilising and benefiting from data spaces in Finland.


The Alliance strives to accelerate the growth and maturity of the Finnish data space initiatives to boost the Finnish data economy.


We help businesses and organisations understand the benefits of data spaces, showcase leading use cases, monitor the latest European developments, and formulate a national game plan while enabling members to learn from their peers and the best in the world.


Nowadays, creating value within companies is no longer sufficient for success. Businesses must understand value creation at an ecosystem level and co-create with others. Data spaces act as soft infrastructure that enables new business value creation through data sharing with a business model, clear governance, and open access — connecting many companies to many companies.

Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC) describes it as:

“A distributed system defined by a governance framework that enables secure and trustworthy data transactions between participants while supporting trust and data sovereignty. A data space is implemented by one or more infrastructures and enables one or more use cases.”

What is a data space

The Alliance's members include organisations that actively contribute to Finnish data space related initiatives or support the data space development in Finland.

The 23 members of the Data Spaces Alliance Finland are: 1001 Lakes, Business Finland, CSC, DataSpace Europe, Fintraffic, Headai, IOXIO, Kela, Ministry of transport and communications, Loihde, National land survey of Finland, MyData Global, Nokia, Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS), Platform of Trust, Siili Solutions, Sitra, SIX Mobile Work Machines, Smart City Innovation Cluster (SCIC), Struggle Creative, Technology Industries Finland, TIEKE and VTT.


Finland has a vibrant data space community for its size, with over 30 data space projects in 15 different sectors involving over a hundred organisations. Compared to the rest of Europe, Finland is undoubtedly one of the most advanced data space countries, even though Finnish data space projects are mainly at an early stage.

State of Data Spaces in Finland is a comprehensive study published by Sitra in conjunction with the launch of the Data Spaces Alliance. The study examines the current state of Finnish data space initiatives and encourages cross-organisational cooperation in the data business.


What is The Data Spaces Alliance Finland?

The Data Spaces Alliance Finland is a community of organisations interested in building data spaces and related competencies and capabilities in Finland. All members have signed the memorandum of understanding (MOU), in which they agree on the Alliance's governance and commit to providing the needed resources to support its work.

What is the purpose of The Alliance?
The Alliance strives to accelerate the growth and maturity of the Finnish data space initiatives to boost the Finnish data economy. 


Who is in the Alliance?
The Alliance is a community founded by members for members. Members include companies actively building, utilising, or orchestrating data spaces, support organisations working to accelerate the adoption and maturity level of data spaces in Finland, and technology developers.


Why should I join?
As a member, you are recognised as an early adopter or leader in data spaces. You get peer support throughout your data space journey, from understanding the benefits of data spaces for your businesses to learning about co-funding opportunities and accelerating your learning and the development of your data space initiatives. 

What are the criteria to join?
An organisation can apply to join the Alliance if they fulfil these criteria:

1) Is participating in and has contributed to data space initiative:

The initiative's relevancy: The initiative contributes positively to and supports the development of data spaces in Finland.
It is active and public: The initiative is running. The basic information (description, lead organisations, contact details, timeline, etc.) is available online. 

2) Is ready to contribute to the common work of the Alliance:

The applicant is committed to driving the Alliance forward by clearly communicating their purpose to join, their expected outcome, and their contribution to the common work in terms of assets, expertise, or resources.  

What is the common work of the Alliance?
We expect members to contribute to the three services of the Alliance. The common work of the Alliance includes but is not limited to, coordination, maintaining contact with all members, updating the different communication materials, representing the Alliance, and actively participating in governance, operation, and strategy work.

What services does the Alliance offer?

The Alliance offers three services:

Experience sharing: We help members or users answer the question, "Why would my organisation be interested in data spaces?" by sharing real use cases and examples of data spaces and companies that have succeeded in using them. 

Strategic overview and game plan: Maintain an up-to-date landscape of relevant data space developments in Finland and Europe. Develop a game plan for Finland in collaboration with Finnish stakeholders aligned with European trends and the latest progress in the data spaces.


Peer learning and networks: A forum and resources for peer learning from Finland and the best in the world. Strive to have a strong and sustainable Finnish presence in international networks related to data spaces (e.g. through Finnish hubs of international data space initiatives such as Gaia-X, IDSA, etc.)

How much does it cost to become a member?
Free of charge to join if you fulfil the criteria. Membership status is being reevaluated every six months.



Chair of the Alliance

Antti 'Jogi' Poikola

+358 44 337 5439

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